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Tomato Admiro variety

The tomato Admiro (130-170 g) is tough fruit with attractive colour and distinctive shine. The tomato has the red colour and round shape. The calyx pointing to the side, does not make any damage to the skin of tomato during sorting and transportation. Tomato is sorted according to four different size-classes and in ten color tones. The packaging is always adjusted to the product size.


  • A (MM) - 47-57 mm
  • B (M) - 57-67 mm
  • BB (G) - 67-82 mm
  • BBB (GG) - 82-102 mm

The tomato is packed in:

  • carton 30x40 – 6 kg
  • punnet 1kg – 10 kg
  • layer 30, 33 pcs - 6kg
Pink Beef Tomato

Pink Beef Tomato is our Polish specialty. Is the fleshy fruit of a unique and excellent taste. It is both refreshing and sweet (brix value of about 4.5-5.5). It has a fifth taste: umami. The tomato has an attractive pink color and round shape. The star shaped calyx stays fresh long. It contains natural antioxidants and vitamins.


  • A (MM) - 47-57 mm
  • B (M) – 57-67 mm
  • BB (G) – 67-82 mm
  • BBB (GG) – 82-102 mm

The tomato is packed in:

  • carton 30x40 – 6 kg
  • tray 4 pcs – 750 g
  • layer – 30 pcs
Baby Plum Tomato

Tomato Santa-type is characterised by an excellent flavour. Is very sweet (brix 9.2). The color is red and the shape unusual, irregular, like small capsicum. The tomato is prepared in loose or truss.  Fruit weight is 14-18g.

The tomato is packed in:

  • box 250 g
  • box 500 g
  • loose 6kg
Cherry tomato

Fruit weight is 20 – 25 g. Excellent fruit characteristics. Very good taste and brix level in combination with nice shiny red fruit.


The tomato is packed in:

  • box 250 g
  • box 500g
  • loose 6kg
Truss tomato

Truss tomato (weight 140 - 160 g) is highly durable fruit with deep red, attractive colour. The truss is thick, durable and very green, even for a few days after harvesting.

The tomato is packed in 5kg cartoonbox or in punnets 500g

Plum Tomato
Plum Tomato - Dark red shiny fruits. Weight about 90-100g. Excellent skin quality. Very tasty.
Tęcza Smaku
Tęcza smaku (Rainbow of taste) is a mix of three varieties of cocktail tomato in three colors: orange, red, brown. The fruits of these varieties, have attractive shape and unique taste. They are excellent for many salads and dishes. Modern integrated cultivation in our greenhouses based on biological protection guarantees not only the unique taste of these tomatoes but also ensures that the product is safe and healthy for consumers.

Biological plant protection is an absolute priority in production of vegetables at our facilities. Applied methods and technologies of cultivation comply with any applicable European standards, confirmed by the GlobalGap and BRC certificates.

Global G.A.P.

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